Corporate assist application

Current pain

Complex internal systems with a lack of transparency.

By accessing in-house data directly with each query, it bypasses the complexity of existing systems and provides transparency of information.

Our Corporate assist application is used for in house data mining as a query tool – is a self learning proprietary search layer for information filtering, cross referencing and recommendations.  Our API layer is connected to various sources’ in-house data, the Internet, social networks and specialised data systems.


HR recruitment and retention – skills search and continuous employee assessment.

Sales & Tendering – any background information.

Operations – finding bottlenecks and re-occurring problems.

Finance – cost insights and internal & external comparisons.

Management – insights into the information and people that drive the company.

Corporate supply application

Current pain

Uncompetitive procurement and supply systems have no direct interactivity or real-time visibility with local suppliers and the supply logistics.

Our Corporate supply application is used to tender enquiries, receive service or goods supply offers and monitor the supply chain in real-time.  It networks the suppliers and logistics with a direct line of communication using instant messaging on the smartphone.

SUPPLY operates with its own internet search layer which is adaptive to use by each user for goods, services and supplier enquiries.   A direct line of communication is set up when the system contacts local suppliers with product enquiries.  This enables suppliers to send in relevant offers.  The intention is to provide an upstream collaborative network of suppliers and the actual logistics to determine order fulfilment.  This will monitor and send alerts for service failures, before and as they unfold, via instant messaging.



Procurement – Receiving competitive offers, transparent evaluation with other projects.

Site workers – dealing with goods and service supply.

Suppliers – dealing with their up stream supply and logistics.

Management – insight into the supply network.