Our Service

Make your applications smarter

Vinni platform enables any corporation or software developer to build adaptive learning applications, by integrating through our API layer.

We provide user-individualised

  • Query assist Search – you name the sources
  • Matching – anything
  • Recommendations – Based on machine learning
  • Profiling – individual and like minded grouping
  • Social – reviewing Sentiment, crowd wisdom
  • Marketing – spontaneous messaging
  • Autonomous – adapts to unpredictable changes
  • Awareness – monitoring alerts, geo locational
  • Topic – verticals

Consultancy service

Process and technology re-engineering service.

As a team we are well rounded, during our careers we have developed ourselves into experts in our fields.  Advancing the techniques used in re-engineering business process with smart technologies – creating new ways.

Technology service

We can provide the back end technology, our engine, API platform and technical support – to give your existing systems or Apps, smart machine learning capabilities.

Connect - API service.

Widget – design and build service.

Support – implementations and connectivity.