Local Matcher B2B


Local Business can list their excess goods for sale and share staff resources between themselves.   Vinni provides the B2B trading platform to do this.


Local Jobs

The primary purpose of Vinni’s ‘Local JOBS’ Application is to assist local business with finding new staff in cost effective and inventive ways.

This is a matching service for both jobs and skills that facilitates a connection between local businesses for a small fee.


Current Pain

ALL businesses experience times of labor shortages and periods when staff are idle, which makes managing employee resources difficult.  These fluctuations are costly as salaries are a big burden of expense when staff are non-productive due to the temporary lack of trade.

Benefits to this matching service

Finding temporary placement for idle staff with other businesses that have staff shortages creates conditions to operate a more cost effective work force, by offloading wage costs.   Having access to a temporary workforce during busy periods at regular wage cost, helps promote more business.

Zero hours contracts help businesses be more flexible.   For the under-employed it looks at their week and can match with opportunities found for alternative work to top up their weekly hours – this helps local business with staff retention and gives more hours to the individual.

Talented individuals can match their skills to local business requirements – which is a cost effective way of getting a task performed and gives an employment opportunities to skilled individuals.

Having for the first time a simple and reliable way to deal with supply and demand, will give the business owner more confidence when taking on staff.


Local goods


Vinni Local GOODS matching service gives local businesses an online B2B platform where existing goods can be bought and sold.

This software will feature the Ad-Builder tool for making up own adverts, for the sale of ‘excess goods’ and instant messages for making ‘goods purchase enquiries’.

This service finds the appropriate matches and facilitates direct connections between businesses – cutting out middle men and those costs.

Current Pain

Every business suffers from peaks and troughs, trying to predict these is difficult, resulting in businesses experiencing under and overstocked goods. Fluctuations are difficult to predict and costly;

When business is slow, excess stock takes up space and ties up cash.        When business is brisk, lack of stock means loss of sales.

Sourcing additional stock rapidly from foreign suppliers cannot be achieved. Local wholesalers alternatives usually means paying a higher price, reducing the margins.