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VinniLOCAL supplier locates product suppliers and obtains individualised deals for each consumer.   For the local supplier it establishes direct contact with the customer, which brings in new sales leads.


Local supplier

Game Changer

Smartphones give new possibilities to the individual who now want a personal approach – they have acquired ‘take charge‘ technology.   Vinni has been built for this new trend by giving the consumer intelligent software that understands what they actually want.   Then it establishes a direct line connection to local business who can promote their goods and services.

Migration to the Smartphone allows us to create a new ‘Consumer-led’ market.

The Smartphone is a highly personal and powerful device which gives a feeling of entitlement.  It adds a new dimension to your social life and can do the same for your consumption. The consumer can now ask ‘what deal are you going to offer me, for this service?’

The traditional mass markets will struggle and cannot adapt to the individual on their Smartphone, because they cannot answer the consumer’s questions.

This opens the door to ‘personal marketing’ and a connection to local businesses, who are very well placed to deal with the individual consumer as individuals, in real time via messaging on their Smartphone.

Market Survey

We spent 4 weeks filming interviews with local business owners and tradesman in Portsmouth. About 70% of businesses interviewed said they could see the benefits of such an App and that they would sign up for it.

See sample on Vinni Rough Cut video – Link: 


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