‘You can never do anything better unless its different’    We have the courage to be different.

Good for Business


Our smart technology adapts to each individual, it performs tasks on their behalf, responding to each user’s wishes.  

Most importantly, without needing to know their personal information.

We are against mining personal data that leads to intrusive, unsolicited advertising (advocated by the likes of Google and Facebook).   We think that the Smartphone user will resent having their personal screen space cluttered with mass market and unsolicited adverts.   We respect this view and only provide relevant adverts and offers based on what the user has actually requested.  Maintaining our integrity means that our service is relevant to each consumer and their local business supplier – making it good for business.


We are against the excessive advertising fees and commissions charged by Google Adwords, and Groupon, which prevent  most businesses from marketing their goods.

Our aim is to help local businesses thrive.   We offer them an opportunity to club together within a new ‘consumer driven’ marketing platform.   This is cost effective and provides a competitive edge – making it good for business.



Antidote to one-off rigid and inflexible software systems

Most systems are specifically built to perform one business task.  Vinni is designed to be reconfigurable for many tasks and its autonomous nature is self-adapting to each given task.  It has a problem-solving AI engine embedded into an API inter-operability platform which is built to share resources among many applications.


Hiding the intrinsic complexity

We believe in providing technology that removes manual effort.  Our engine continuously seeks suitable answers and then pushes the results.   The user is able to request multiple searches.   The engine will read thousands of webpages and then sort and grade the results according to the individual’s unique profile.   It will process these in parallel, providing timely responses.

We do not give our user a fishing rod, instead we go fishing and present a basket of fish.