Query Assist


query assist

is a recommendation engine for specific information filtering. For example, assisting a physician with medical queries (MQA), lawyers with law case research (LQA) and academics with research papers (AQA).

Current Pain

When a query results in many 100’s of research articles, how much time is lost in finding the most appropriate article? OR when actual advice is needed, how do I find the person who knows this stuff?

Our Professional query assist application is used as a ‘personalised’ search tool that covers any data source that is connected through our API layer.   For example, the Internet, in-house corporate data, social networks and any specialised data systems.  It reads and recommends to assist with each query.

When an actual consultation with an expert in the field is preferred, then the problem can be stated using the  encounter  tool that connects relevant people together via instant message.  This sets up a virtual meeting where professionals specifically state their problem and experts respond with their knowledge.